Assistant Professor,
Mechanical Engineering

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PhD from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad (Thesis Submitted)
M. Tech from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad (2018)
B. Tech from Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology, Purnea ( 2015)
Subject Expertise
Theory of Machine
Strength of Materials
Mechanical Vibration
Area Of Research
Condition Monitoring
Mechanical Vibration
Structural Health Monitoring
Projects Executed
Crack detection in a Shaft by using normalised operating deflection shape and wavelet Transform.
Detection of cracks in a beam by using Operating deflection shape and wavelet transform.
List Of Publications
Kumar, Ramnivas, and Sachin K. Singh. "Crack detection near the ends of a beam using wavelet transform and high resolution beam deflection measurement." European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids 88 (2021): 104259. (Q1, IF: 4 .89)
Kumar, Ramnivas, Ravi Nigam, and Sachin K. Singh. "Selection of suitable mother wavelet along with vanishing moment for the effective detection of crack in a beam." Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 163 (2022): 108136. (Q1, IF : 9.99)
Kumar, Ramnivas, and Sachin K. Singh. "A variance-based approach for the detection and localization of cracks in a beam." Structures. Vol. 44. Elsevier, 2022. (Q1, IF: 4.22)
Conference Attended (National/International)
Kumar, Ramnivas, Sachin K Singh “Crack Detection in a Shaft Using wavelet Transform”, 3rd national conference on mining equipment new challenges and Applications (MENTCA-2018), deptt. of Mining Machinery Engineering. IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India, Feb9-10. (Paper id- men_2018/27).
Kumar, Ramnivas, Sachin K Singh ‘Crack detection in a shaft using wavelet packet transform ' VETOMAC2021-049.
Kumar, Ramnivas, Sachin K Singh 'Fault diagnosis in a motor under variable speed conditions: a survey' VETOMAC2021-143.
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